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My name is Brandon Sheasley, President of First Florida Financial, a Florida mortgage corporation and I have been working with Kevin & Veda the better part of 2014. I have been in the residential and commercial lending industry for 15 years and have experience working with realtors with a variety of qualities and strengths. I know what is important to a customer and what support is needed to not only find or sell a home, but what is needed to get you to the closing table while encountering all the obstacles this business will throw at you at any time. Kevin & Veda have exemplified the willingness to do whatever it takes to make sure their clients are taken care of and actually demonstrates a level of compassion that is not seen by many in this industry. If you do not consider them for your real estate services you are selling yourself short and can almost be assured not to get the service you could with them.

Brandon Sheasley, President of First Florida Financial
Kevin and Veda are top-notch realtors, they have a tireless work ethic, I have seen them work with clients through multiple contracts that didn't work out due to inspections/appraisals, show the same client probably 100 houses to and keep working for the client until they finally found the house that was right for them. Kevin and Veda are both extremely knowledgeable using all of the tools and strategies available to help their clients obtain the best possible deal. Their communication is fantastic and their follow-up is second to none.  You'll never have to wonder where you are in the transaction because Kevin and Veda keep you informed from start to finish and are always there to answer any questions you have about the process and what happens next.
I have worked with a lot of realtors in my 8 years in the mortgage industry and I can honestly say that Kevin and Veda are are two of a select few that I would consider recommending. I would not hesitate to trust my friends and family to their expertise.